2020 is a visual term that is used to describe normal visual acuity. 2020 is also the year coming up. I feel I just got used to writing out the date 2019, and now I need to start worrying about 2020. One thing that I am not worried about for 2020 is my health insurance and here is why.

Vision Care2020

Last year I tried something new. I tried something new because of a problem I was having with my vision. I had always been a 2020 vision person, so when things started to be a bit blurry, and I found myself squinting more and more to try and make objects brighter, I knew I needed to see a professional. The problem was that I didn’t have health insurance. I luckily was attempting to visit an Eye Doctor during the 2019 Open Enrollment. When discussing payments they suggested I look at the Open Market for a plan that had vision included.2020 Eye Care

I quickly decided that looking at all the options was over my head. There were just too many plans, add-ons, budgets, levels, and more. I became frustrated very quickly. I used to only have health insurance from my employer, but they dropped this option when the open health market became available. I had sailed through the past year without coverage but knew I needed something soon. It was suggested to me by a friend to contact Miller Insurance Management.

At first, I was skeptical about using an Insurance Broker. What could they help me with that I couldn’t do for myself? Reread the sentence I previously wrote, and I became frustrated very quickly. My 2020 vision was failing, and I would get tired trying to compare policies and take in so much information. MIM was doing a free consultation promotion, so I signed up. I can say it changed my life, my 2020 vision, and the way I will now buy Health Insurance.

The Final Word

Don’t miss the Boat! I took a leap in 2019 to help save my 2020. Now that 2020 is around the corner, I’ve had a few changes that occurred this year. John, at MIM, had suggested last year that I come in again before Open Enrollment 2020 to make sure that the plan I was on still fit my budget and my needs. I just sent him an email to schedule an appointment. Here is to hoping that my 2020 vision stays 2020 in 2020. But if it doesn’t, I know I am covered to see the Eye Doctor again to update my prescription glasses.

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