“AEP” Annual Election Period – now is the best time to start calling an agent or a company that can provide you with one of the “New Enhanced Medicare Advantage Plans” with new benefits designed to help you manage your health and medical treatment!

Compare Plans

New plans and prescription plans – during the AEP Annual Election Period Check companies with money-saving plans from now thru the end of the year.  Don’t forget to ask about a prescription plan, which may be included in some Advantage plans.

It is wise to compare plans each year during the Annual Election Period so that you can save the most money on a Medicare Advantage Plan. If you do not have an Advantage plan, you should ask about one now!Key to coverage

Current Plans vs. New Plans

Be aware that some plans are HMO’s and some are PPOs, and there are some other on the market. Ask your new insurance company about the differences in these types of plans and their benefits.

New Enhanced Benefits

During the Annual Election Period, some of the following new benefits will be offered through some of the companies offering Medicare Advantage Plans:

OTC – over the counter credits are given to plan participants per quarter, so be sure to ask about this “really amazing” benefit during the Annual Election Period.

Gym Membership – many Advantage plans offer paid gym membership or reimbursement for one. This is a “fantastic” benefit!

Annual Election PeriodTransportation – based on your current health status and diagnosis, you may be able to get transportation to medical appointments and treatment.

Travel – many retired individuals love to travel and it is important to find out how to seek medical treatment when you travel, whether you are in the country or traveling abroad is very important. Some plans pay for medical treatment if you go to an urgent care facility or an ER. Be sure to check into this benefit during the Annual Enrollment Period.

Carpet Cleaning – individuals who have serious asthma or other similar types of chronic illness may qualify for carpet cleaning.

Air Purifiers – you will definitely want to ask about this newer benefit that asthma sufferers and individuals with other chronic illnesses may qualify for, so be sure to ask about this one during the Annual Enrollment Period.

Co-Pays – this benefit is definitely one of the most important to ask about when you call on a new or newly enhanced plan during the Annual Enrollment Period. Many times, plans have no co-pay if you see your PCP or regular doctor, but you may have a co-pay and deductible for a specialist. Ask about the cost to see a specialist.

X-rays– some rays come with a co-pay when you see a specialist. Find out how this treatment is billed.

Premiums – of course. a plan that fits all of your needs and gives you the least out-of-pocket expenses is the best plan. During the Annual Election period, some companies are offering smaller premiums on their new plans or enhanced benefits. Some Medicare Advantage plans charge no premiums.

pharmaceuticals Prescription Drug Coverage – make certain that you call Medicare Advantage Plan companies to compare the prescription coverage being offered during the Annual Enrollment Period. You will want to ask the company that your Advantage Plan is currently to see what tier your prescription drugs are on. Ask your company and pharmacist if there is a generic or another similar drug that would be less money.

Nursing Care – ask about home nursing care coverage, as well as speech therapy under a new plan.

Hospitalization – this is an extremely important benefit to ask about during the Annual Enrollment Period because it most likely will cost you the most.

Provider Lists – be sure to have a medical provider list (your current treating physicians) with you when you talk to a new company.


Prepare your lists of prescriptions, use of medical treatment under your current plan, hospitalization and nursing care questions, treatment while traveling, co-pays, deductibles, etc. and ask these and other important questions during the Annual Enrollment Period.  Also, don’t forget to ask about those OTC (over-the-counter) benefits, gym benefits, transportation benefits, vision and hearing benefits, and any other new benefits. These are just some of the newer benefits to taking into consideration when you call about a new Medicare Advantage Plan.

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