We are avid readers who like almost everything we can get my hands on. Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, short stories, and anything recommended to me. During the summer months, many people plan out reading lists. I would highly recommend this is a book  I would put it near the top as a must-read Non- Fiction about health care. The book is called Being Immortal by Atul Gawande. Reading a book about health, health care, and health insurance may not seem like a great summer read. However, this book touches on many matters of the heart, especially concerning the end of life care.

What mattersThe Tough Discussions

To understand Health Insurance, you need to know how to care for health and end of life resources. It would seem a pretty straight forward; however, it is not. The number one reason it is not straight forward is that we are human and have emotions. Sometimes logic isn’t the focus and science and medicine take a backseat to feelings. There are hundreds of books written about health insurance. How to buy health insurance, how to invest in health insurance, how to navigate health insurance. What Atul Gawande does in his book, Being Immortal, is discuss the most basic of the human factors of health insurance.

Connecting with the Topic

The book itself takes the reader into multiple lives. Most deal with the aging population and health care, but also the end of life and hospice care. It is about cultural society norms. The story takes a look at the history of health care and what is going on today. As a reader, I was able to identify with the story from personal experience or from what close friends have gone through.

The Final WordHappy

If you want an open-eyed look at Health Care, Health Insurance, and Health Options from a Doctors perspective, this book is for you. The book was written by Dr. Atul Gawande. His frankness and attitude in this book make it an easy read. It should be at the top of your summer reading list. I would recommend that after you read this book, you contact John Miller at Miller Insurance to discuss health care options that work for you. I guarantee that after reading this book, you may want to change a few things and get details about what you have in place. Once you read this book, you will be passing it along to other friends and family.

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Being Immortal by Atul Gawande