Healthy Tips aren’t easy, but it’s so worth it! Let’s look at some healthy tips to help you feel healthier and to get fit.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have warned us that too many adults are not getting a necessary amount of exercise to keep the heart, brain, bones, and muscles healthy and functioning correctly. We are also consistently aware that to maintain good health and eating nutritious foods are very important. Combining a high diet with regular exercise daily can slow down the aging process as well as promote a robust and healthy body.


Start an exercise journal. Make a plan of action. Decide what it is you wish to accomplish, whether it be weight loss goals, building muscle, or only having more energy. Write down your goals and be specific. Note the time of day that you will exercise, list the types of exercise, and make it measurable. It’s a good idea to take a current photo and place it at the beginning of your exercise journal.

drinksAn essential healthy tip is to make sure you start small and create longer and more intense workout routines as you build body strength and endurance. Choose your exercise routing logically; make sure it aligns with your current physical condition or surroundings. A select exercise that promotes feeling good. If you choose an activity that is difficult and exhausting right from the start, you will quickly “burn out” and possibly give up. If you live in a place that has freezing weather, you would want to choose an indoor exercise allowing you to work out all year long without interruption.

Exercise at the same time every day so that you will create a habit. Creating good habits and sticking to them will produce effective results that will help you want to stay consistent.


When designing your nutrition plan, there are so many health tips to consider. First of all, it’s essential to keep in mind your food likes/dislikes. Keep a nutrition journal. Start by adding one new feed that is higher in nutritional value at a time. Make small changes but do it consistently. If you immediately switch out all of the unhealthy foods you eat, you are setting yourself up for failure. Congratulate yourself often for making good food choices.

Research the foods you like and try to find healthier replacements. Sometimes it comes down to gradually introducing healthier alternatives into your diet. For instance, if you want whole milk, switch to nonfat milk gradually. Start with 2% milk, then switch to 1% milk and then onto nonfat dairy. Gradual changes make it easier, and you won’t feel like you are making drastic changes.

There are so many ways to make healthier and more nutritious choices. Try eating more fish than beef, eat smaller portions of your favorite foods. Say no to fatty foods and yes to leafy green salads. The key is not to make abrupt changes that are not enjoyable. Try drinking more water and give up sugary drinks to help your digestion. Also, counting calories is not nearly as effective as counting nutrients.

THE FINAL WORDfruit & weights

Eating healthier and more nutritious foods can increase your overall health tremendously! The key to making changes to your diet and exercise routine is using the healthy tips that makes sense for you and paying attention to your body. If your exercise plan is entirely exhausting and leaves you in pain, slow down. Introduce nutritious foods that your body is not accustomed to gradually. Keep exercise and nutrition journals for useful information about your body’s responses and to see the successes. Get moving and eating well, and watch the fantastic changes that will occur

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