Insurance Plans – This is a great time to think about plans. Several items need to be looked at with companies and insurance plans regardless of what type of insurance plan you are considering.  An older couple had been paying very high amounts of money for their insurance plan and found a new insurance plan that saved them a lot of money.


Each company looks at disability differently.  Also, these insurance plans are all different.  Ask yourself what your needs are.   Even if you already have a company you are happy with, it always helps to look at new insurance plans because a lot of times, people get to cozy with an insurance plan and don’t review new ones. For example, there are a lot of companies that could help you save money, get a better idea that better fits your needs. Many people save money each year by choosing a new policy that will be the best plan for the family.Insurance

Insurance Plans

We look at the premiums and not the plan.  Some choose yearly insurance plans over a monthly drawing to save money. Looking at how much insurance you used last year will give you a better look at the whole picture. We should look at all deductibles on all insurance plans.


Health insurance plans are essential. Both health and disability plans have many parts to look too.   A younger person who is healthy may need less insurance than a person who is older with health problems.  Other common mistakes that people make are not asking what drugs are covered as well as the co-pay costs.

Quick Tips on Insurance Plans

Too often, it is easy to be comfortable with the same policy when others might cost less and be a better fit for you. Here are some quick tips to help you to look at both your current insurance plan and any new plans. Insurance is meant to give us peace of mind and to protect us. What type of insurance do you need?

In Summary

Suppose a middle-aged woman had her regular doctor tell her that she needed a test done, but that it might be a high cost for her even with her plan, which was a new insurance plan for her. She had gone over the necessary tests and costs when she signed up for the program. When she talked to the company who had her plan, she was told that the analysis was not covered and that she would have to pay for the entire test, which would run $5,000.00. She was so surprised. It is a great idea to get a list of tests and procedures before you take to them. Then get a list that is paid for from a company that you are looking at for a plan.

It is good to tell a company what you want. Look at many plans and companies. Experts say that you need all of the types of insurance. An important thing to remember when you look at insurance plans is to get a great agent who can help you with what your needs are; and who will help you with the best Insurance plan or policies.

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