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Learn the Lingo of your Insurance plan

Learning the Lingo – Open Enrollment has now been closed for 4 months. Is there still lingo and jargon that are confusing to you about the Insurance Plan you purchased, or even one that is provided to you by an employer? Take this time to start learning some key terms that will help you determine if you are on the best coverage and what your coverage actually means.

5 Winter Health Tips

Health Tips - We know that you are covered with your recent purchase of health insurance during open enrollment. Having the ability to go to the Doctors is a relief if you get sick, but you still want to try and keep yourself healthy. The winter cold and flu season is...

Navigating the different types of health care plan

Navigating the different types of health care plans - When choosing between different health care plans for you and your loved ones, it’s important to look at all the details. One of the decisions you need to make is what type of plan is right for you. The options are...