Private Insurance – Let’s start with Private Insurance or private health insurance, which is any health insurance coverage that is not offered by a state or federal government.

Private Insurance or private health insurance – is offered by a private entity, such as an insurance company or broker. Can you imagine that the CDC estimated that in 2018, 65 percent of Americans under age 65 were covered by Private Insurance!

Advantages of Private Insurance – include a wide variety of various plan options and companies. On occasion, the cons can have a bit higher insurance premium and limited coverage, but not always! You should call an agent today and inquire about plans and options for your own Private Insurance needs.

There is often no other option for you to consider besides Private Insurance; and, it is invaluable when you need it! The alternative to not having Private Insurance when your employer does not offer Insurance can create a “financial disaster” for you and your family! Consider calling today for a Private Insurance Plan!

Fact: Public Health Insurance – Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran benefits, and Insurance provided to federal employees are all examples of public health insurance. This should help clarify the differences between public health insurance and Private Insurance!

Here are some amazing facts about the advantages of Private Insurance:

  • With medical costs soaring, the need for Private Insurance – health insurance in this day and age is a financial reality for so many of you!
  • The primary way that many of you use to pay medical and hospital bills is Private Insurance – Health insurance.
  • Within the category of private health insurance, there are significant differences between a health managed organization (HMO) and a preferred provider organization (PPO) plan. Depending on the type of Private Insurance you select, there will be certain benefits and limitations.

Advantages of Private Insurance – health insurance – you should be aware of this list of private health insurance benefits to make the right choice for you and your dependents!

  1. The critical thing about Private Insurance – health insurance is that it provides you with protection, and it will help you pay for your medical expenses when you need it.
  2.        Private Insurance gives you more choices to ensure that you get the quality of care you may need.
  3. A more comprehensive network of doctors and providers is available with Private Insurance than public health insurance.
  4. When you choose a Preferred Provider Organization, you can also have more freedom to choose a doctor outside of the network.
  5. Trips to the emergency room and specialist treatments may be paid for (either in part or whole) when you choose Private Insurance.
  6. With Private Insurance – health insurance, large hospital bills associated with surgery or other significant treatments may also be covered depending on your specific policy.
  7. A Private Insurance – health insurance plan may also allow you to choose your doctor, although you may pay more if he or she is not included in the network maintained by your Private Insurance – health insurance carrier.
  8. Private Insurance coverage also usually comes with more choices than those offered by public plans such as Medicare. This could allow you to choose the options that you are most likely to need and omit those that you don’t.
  9. The experiences that come with Private Insurance might include shorter wait times, greater individualized attention, and more sophisticated facilities. Public facilities can be overcrowded at times and may provide a lower level of care in many cases.

Is Private Insurance the Right Choice?

You may ask yourself if Private Insurance – is right for you? Private individual health insurance is usually for individuals who cannot get a group policy or do not qualify for government type plans.

Additionally, if you have a part-time job, if you are unemployed, you are a student, or if you work for a small company that doesn’t offer insurance coverage, you should look for Private Insurance!

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