Summer is coming on fast. Most Colleges have wrapped up this week, and High Schools were following close behind. Everyone is ready for a break and some warm summer weather. Summer school vacation means that daily routines will be changing. It can sometimes be a challenging and stressful time for parents with teenagers, especially trying to keep up-to-date with what, who, and where they are. It is especially true for parents with teenage daughters.

Being able to provide routine health care for your daughter is of vital importance. Additionally, multiple factors need to be discussed and closely monitored to help keep the vitality and safety of your daughter in the forefront this summer. Here are a few key health topics to be aware of.

Skin Cancer

Nothing says summer more than lounging around in the sun and soaking up some rays. Everyone wants to work on their tan. Teen skin cancer is on the rise and is something that does need to will be carefully monitored. 1 in 5 Americans develops skin cancer. The risk increases with just 1 sever burn in childhood. Make sure you have talked, and are taking extra precautions with your daughter and discuss alternatives to tanning. Sun protection is a must as well as wearing light shirts that help prevent harmful UV Rays from damaging the skin.

Summer Eating Disorderseating disorders

School is hard enough to deal with, now add to that the stress of body shaming, Instagram, and the Kardashians. Athletic teenagers are not immune to eating disorders either. My niece was an avid athlete in High School and was bulimic. It went unchecked for years because she was good at hiding the situation. Long distance runners, as teenage women, need to monitored just as carefully as nonathletic teenagers. Health Nutrition is coming to the forefront in most school curriculums but with it being summer and not having the same school routine or structure, may cause havoc on some girls who are having problems. Make sure you talk to your daughter about nutrition and proper food intake.

Accidental Injuries

summer injuryThe word accident means that it wasn’t meant to happen, but that doesn’t make some situations any more straightforward. Teenagers like to take risks, especially when hanging out with groups of friends, unsupervised by an adult. The leading cause of death in girls 10-19 is unintentional injuries. Caused by motor vehicle accidents associated with texting, drowning, falls, poisoning, and recreational activities. Kids want to be kids but help them make good safe choices.

The Final Word

Summer can be a great time spent with family members making cherished memories. We concentrate on our health all year round so even though it may be summer vacation, it isn’t a vacation from your health. Keep these few tips in mind to help facilitate a safe, successful summer for you and your daughter. Then for any additional insurance needs contact John Miller and Miller Insurance management.