Sands of timeTop three reasons to buy insuranceTime is running out!  Though it’s no longer mandated by the government, there are still plenty of reasons to buy insurance for yourself and your loved ones. Health insurance protects you both medically and financially in the face of a serious accident, making sure you get treatment without breaking your bank. In addition, it can make a huge difference to your long-term health by making sure you get necessary check-ups and treatment.

If you’re wondering whether or not to take the plunge, here are all the reasons to buy insurance as soon as possible.

Protect yourself against surprise bills

The government will stop charging people who don’t have individual health insurance in 2019. However, you’re still at plenty of financial risk if you don’t buy insurance for yourself and your loved ones. Even the simplest hospital stay can cost $10,000, with some racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in bills. If you don’t have health insurance, you’re going to have to pay all that out of pocket.

Even high deductible plans, which tend to be less useful for day-to-day expenses, can be incredibly useful. The normal deductible cap is usually about $6,000-$7,000, which is several thousand less than even the cheapest hospital stay. Taking the time to buy insurance now can possibly make the difference between bankruptcy and financial solvency for your future self.

Don’t let small problems become bigtime

Not all medical problems happen as part of a big dramatic accident. Some illnesses are small, with plenty of warning signs, and can be treated if caught early. People who don’t buy insurance are less likely to go to the doctor, either for checkups or what seem to be minor illnesses. As a result, they often don’t catch larger issues until it’s too late. In addition, make sure you buy insurance now can help you pay for any future treatments.

Financial help is still available

Though trump repealed the Affordable Care Act, it isn’t going away. If you qualified to buy insurance with government help in previous years, odds are that you’ll get some help in 2019. If you need help navigating some of the new rule changes, an insurance broker such as Miller Insurance Management can help answer some of your questions. They can help you understand your options under the new rules and guide you to the right plan for your needs.


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Don’t waste time, there are many reasons to buy insurance. However, the best always begin by contacting Miller Insurance Management today!