Mail Order Prescriptions – The cost of prescriptions in the United States continues to skyrocket! Families are having to choose between putting food on the table or buying expensive medication. The reality is that Mail Order Prescriptions can help save you time and money!

There are some legitimate Mail Order Prescriptions companies out there. Be sure to ask for generic medications when you are getting a prescription, and sometimes, the generic drug may be almost the same for an entire bottle of 100 as it is for 30 days or 60 or 90 days. The trick is to get your doctor to prescribe a larger number of tablets, if possible. Of course, some prescriptions cannot be written for that many pills.

You can save time using mail-order prescription programs, and you no longer have to drive to a pharmacy and wait in those long lines inside the store or wait in line to go through the drive-up window! Do not pay a fee to sign up with a Mail Order Prescriptions Company.

Once you or your doctor places the order for the prescription, the mail order pharmacy staff will check the pill; they will then make sure that the medications will not have problems if taken by you with other medicines, and then, the prescriptions will be filled. If it is a new prescription, the doctor must call it into the Mail Order Prescriptions program. Save money, choose Mail Order Prescriptions!

Prescriptions by Mail Via Your Health Insurance Company

First, if you want to receive Mail Order Prescriptions through your own health insurance company, or your spouse’s health insurance company, you will need to request a form from them.

Second, make sure that you have a copy of your provider’s prescription to send it to the prescription company. After you complete the form, be sure that the prescription is attached. You have the phone number, and fax number of your doctor included on the medication by mail order prescription form so that the prescription company can contact him or her.

Your doctor can call or fax the prescriptions you need into the Mail Order Prescriptions company, which is usually the quickest and safest method to use.

Refills on Mail Order Prescriptions

Usually, refills can be done over the phone by you if you have refills on the prescription given to the Mail Order Prescriptions pharmacy. Make sure that you call in at least two weeks ahead and even longer during holidays and Covid-19.

Home Delivery vs. Mail Order Prescriptions

Many pharmacies offer home delivery of prescriptions now, and this service is usually used for maintenance medications. The medications are very cost-efficient if ordered through the mail or online.

Prescriptions Outside the United States

Purchasing drugs in foreign countries is illegal in general. Even though there are many enticing ads on the internet for Canadian and other prescriptions, it is illegal! You can be prosecuted and charged for purchasing these drugs.

The drugs may not be safe. It is still best to use a Mail Order Prescriptions program in the United States.

Paying by Check

If you pay with a check for prescriptions, it is really the safest way to order by mail since a check is hard to cash by anyone else, and you can track it, and so can your bank or lending institution.

Prescriptions Mailed by you

It is illegal to send a prescription through the mail to another individual. Be aware that you can be prosecuted and charged for this unlawful act. Did you know that if you choose to share one of your prescriptions with another individual, you are taking a massive risk because this is illegal? It is just not worth taking these kinds of risks. We all have enough to think about and take care of at home and work.

Generic Drugs

Generic prescriptions are usually much less expensive through prescription mail-order companies. However, if it seems too good of a deal, it is!


Look on the pharmacy websites for a seal that says VIPPS, which stands for “Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites.” If it is there, it means NABP has screened the site.

In Summary

Don’t be afraid to try Mail Order Prescriptions. It is good to check reviews online, on Facebook, and ask around. A lot of individuals have tried and liked these programs.

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